It’s easy to believe if you are unhappy at your job, or in your career that it’s your boss, it’s the company, it’s the career track, it’s the environment, it’s the commute and/or it’s the pay and benefits, and if these things changed, maybe you’d be happy. Or maybe if you jumped ship and started your own thing, you could control these factors and then you’d be happy.

I’m here to tell you, in either case, you won’t.

In this course, we will look at the whole of you, we will start with evaluating 5 areas: Physical Health, Emotional Health, Financial Health, Relationship Health and most importantly Mindset Health (your beliefs), then we will move on to teaching you how to improve these areas, have an inspired, positive mindset that will never let you down and how to balance it all to achieve your dreams.





I. What’s Your Point of Attraction (POA)?

I KNOW and you soon will too that we each put out an energy, attitude, frequency and whatever we put out we attract back to us. The goal just so you know, is to be happy, to be positive, to be satisfied, in a patt yourself on the back sort of way. You want to put out a frequency that is happy, so you can attract back happy things. In this module, we are going to evaluate 5 areas to determine where your frequency is today and what you are attracting to yourself, we’ll call this your point of attraction.

Each module below contains a mini-quiz/prompt that will help you document where your current POA is in relationship to being happy. This should be a 5-10 min exercise for each section. The whole module shouldn’t take more than an hour to complete.


II. What do you want? What people, places, things will add to your happiness?

True, money doesn’t buy happiness and material things won’t make you happy, alone but they can add to your life and increase the happiness and satisfaction you already have? It’s a myth that we can’t have it all, that we are only meant to have a little, or if you have more you are taking from someone else. This is complete bullshit. There are enough resources in the world for everyone to have what they want, at the same time. The issue is most people are going about getting what they want, the wrong way.

We are meant to have whatever we desire, but there is a specific process to getting your desires to materialize. In this module, I will show you how, and you will be amazed at how quickly your life shifts.


III. The Most Powerful Muscle You Aren’t Using – Your Intuitive Muscle

Intuition sometimes known as a gut feeling, a deep knowing, or a sixth sense is real, and you have it for a reason. It is your north star, it is you and it’s the part of you that isn’t affected by the past, or yearning for the future, it is focused on the now and it’s your biggest natural asset. You have it, you don’t have to pay for it, you don’t need anyone else to inspire it, you just have to slow down, get quiet and peaceful enough to reconnect to it and hear what your intuition is trying to tell you.

It’s the feedback that warns you about something, that let’s you know you like or don’t something or someone. It’s that nagging feeling that you know you are supposed to do something. Your intuition is always talking to you and has great wisdom and benefit for you, the question is are you open to receiving the messages, and are you willing to practice to hone this muscle, if the answer is yes, and I’m telling you the answer is YES, your life is going to get sooooooo sweet, sooooooo fast.


IV. Only Take Inspired Action

Let’s be clear here, there are different kinds of actions. There is action for the sake of action, there is forced action, there is action because you are overwhelmed, there is action because you are bored, and there is action because we’ve been told that if we aren’t taking action, we are lazy, we are complacent, we are unmotivated. This is the polar opposite of the truth.

In this module, we will show how you how to use the clarity and knowing you sharpened in last module to receive inspired action and how to best use it to get what you want.


V. Self-care is a must. If you ARE full (of shit), you won’t be able to give or receive

In the last decade, we have been inundated with the term Self-care, a lot of times encouraging us to take care of ourselves, mentally, emotionally and physically. This is something that has not always been looked upon favorable, but I believe is critically important to your wellbeing in general and especially as a business owner.

Self-care isn’t about one day or spending a bunch of money on a spa day (though, those are always welcomed in my schedule). It’s really about prioritizing how you feel every day, taking the time to reflect and know what you like and what you don’t like.


VI. Focus on the Solution, not the Problem. Now that you know you are in control of creating your life, what are you going to create?

Your mindset is positive, you’re having fun, you understand the universal laws of attraction and you know, I mean you KNOW deep down that you were put on this earth to help improve life for the next generation and that you can simply do that by living your best life, having new experiences, gaining your definition of optimum health, wealth, and relationships. You know how, how to sit still, quiet your mind and receive inspired thoughts and actions. Yessss!!!! Now, let’s start creating with purpose.

In this module you will identify your inspired thoughts around a business idea. Its ok to identify more than one, but then take the one that makes you the happiest, giddiest, lightest version of yourself and go through the whole module. You can always come back and do the same later for your other ideas. You have no idea how excited I am for you right now. This is the fucking gold at the end of the rainbow. Let’s get it!!!


VII. The key to your success is to maintain the alignment you found earlier in the course. If you do this, you CAN have it ALL!

For most of us, new to these concepts or veterans of these concepts, we will have good days and better days while we play with the universe and create our deepest desires. However, as life happens, and it will, you will experience things that can be seen as traumatic, dramatic, or just negative. You are allowed to have a bad day, you are allowed to take time off to sulk, be sad, process, just don’t take too much time. If I’m feeling bad and try to listen to music, or meditate or go for a walk, and I can’t shake it, I’ll take a bath and/or a nap, or cry, feeling something is better than feeling nothing. And I can usually shake whatever it is in a few hours, but when I first started taking care of myself, it may have taken a week or two to shake.

The point is, you keep going! In this module, we will explore where your alignment is today and how to ensure you are moving towards your desires, especially the kickass business you created (through inspiration) in the last module. It is my hope and desire that you know, really know you are worthy, you are here to add to the creation of the world by living, the sky is the limit and you are the only thing in your way, so don’t be that person. Get out of your own way, breathe and be happy.